Frequently Asked Questions

DIS usually schedules their calls approximately an hour apart depending on travel time. This gives us time to adequately present the products while gathering feedback and finding potential application. DIS always is considerate of the architect’s/designer’s time.

DIS was built on the premise that people talking to people is what gets designs and product selection accomplished. Architects and designers usually work in teams therefore DIS needs to be able to navigate you and your team through the literature pointing out the applicability to the type of work you do. Brochures and websites do not allow questions to be answered thus DIS performs an interactive event that accomplishes much more in a short amount of time.

No, DIS was based on person-to-person interaction. Sometimes offices want to have more than one person as the contact in which DIS will engage multiple parties at the same presentation. DIS understands that in some cases trying to get the entire office to meet with DIS would be counterproductive and inefficient.

The product selection varies because the contracts stop and start at various times. The understanding of those products and how they apply to the type of work your office does is one of the key benefits of having DIS come by and meet with you. We are able to navigate and point you in the direction of the type of work so that you do not have to weed through all of the general information just to find information on commercial or residential or institutional or industrial, etc.

In order to create a team-like atmosphere environment and to make the most efficient use of time, links to websites are not interactive and it is simply like mailing a brochure to you. Instead of finding what you need and having it pointed out, architects and designers will make a quick judgment call missing some vital information that could help them with a design solution. We have found this to be not beneficial for the design community in our years of experience.

DIS at this time does not perform CEU AIA accredited programs but some of our clients do. Think of us as a forerunner carrying 3-5 different noncompeting manufacturers so that you can get an overview of what is available and determine which of those Lunch and Learn programs would be most beneficial for your office.

As stated in the above question, DIS does not do accredited events because those are left up to our manufacturers. Some have them and some don’t but DIS will make you aware of which manufacturers can provide that for your office depending on the size of your firm.

DIS was formed on the basis that people do business with people which is much more productive. While large offices along with medium offices do quite a number of projects, smaller firms allow DIS to really get involved one on one with owners. We have found that single person firms sometimes are more rewarding than some of the larger offices but we try to see them all and keep a good mix.

DIS has adapted over the years for smaller firms. DIS is willing to come to your home depending on your comfort level and the location. We also understand sometimes you just want to meet somewhere else so we utilize coffee shops or restaurants close by to meet and go over product information. We have sometimes even met architects or designers at job sites if the situation called for it. We are adaptable!!

While DIS understands that architects and designers have very busy schedules, we do our best to call or e-mail prior to our visit to the office. Sometimes these efforts simply go unnoticed because of crazy schedules. DIS also will stop by when in the area because in our years of experience, sometimes that is the best way to catch somebody between appointments or find an opportunity of time from a previously scheduled appointment that was canceled. We do our best to be flexible with each individual offices’ schedule and accommodate whenever possible.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.“ ~Andrew Carnegie