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DIS is based on the belief that nothing much happens until people talk to people. Reaching architects requires multiple points of contact; however, there are some challenges. The architectural marketplace consists of a large number of moderate sized offices, spread over an even larger geographic area. Architects, themselves, do not typically purchase building products, but they control (influence directly and/or indirectly) the purchase through their specifications. Finally, architects must maximize their billable hours meaning they can’t and generally won’t see every product rep coming through the door but they do see us especially with companies reducing the size of the architectural rep team.


Over the years DIS has helped introduce new products into the United States from manufacturers and helped to springboard their distribution. We have also helped to overcome bad press or even product failures by educating the architects, designers, and specifiers as to what companies have done to fix the problem and how they are pushing forward in even greater strides to make the product even more reliable.

Websites, brochures, emails are all functional but can easily be disregarded. A face-to-face presentation by DIS is one of the most persuasive tools that manufacturers can use. It is also cost-effective since DIS carries out between 4-5 noncompeting manufacturers thus sharing the expense that would otherwise have to be covered by a single company.


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Why Use DIS...

Manufacturers have always found architects, designers, and specifiers a unique breed of individuals. While these professionals do not actually buy products, they are responsible for integrating them into designs and making sure everything is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Manufacturers have had problems trying to send out commission sales reps to talk to these people because there is no money to be made technically. They need some sort of liaison that has a network of already established architects and designers that can be seen and their product can be introduced to. DIS fills this niche meeting with over 800 offices per year on an ongoing basis.


Designer Information Services (DIS) is a professional company that promotes building products directly to architects and specifiers. Founded in 1963, our firm has assisted hundreds of companies build brand awareness while securing specifier loyalty for their products. DIS helps to bridge the divide between manufacturers and the architectural community through personal, face-to-face contact in a dynamic, fun, interactive presentation.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.“ ~Andrew Carnegie